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Taking a brief moment off from reporting results here.
Many people are still saying that the sport of boxing is in need of “saving” and this is simply not the case. This may have been the case five or even ten years ago, when boxing was so clearly in the shadow of MMA and the UFC. Back then, the UFC was at an abolute peak and it was crushing any and all competition, boxing obviously included. With all time greats like Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva at their peaks and legends like Randy Corture and Chuck Liddell coming to the ends of their careers, the UFC was front and center and absolutely no one could deny it.
However, since then the UFC has had it’s share of hardships maintaining its high level of popularity for extended periods of time. Sure, it’s had it’s fever pitches with Lesnar, Rousey and most recently McGregor. But, it’s nothing like the ten year run it was on ten years ago. So, it’s safe to say that the UFC has lost some steam in recent years. Even they’ve effectively admitted this recently with the departures of recent stars like Lesnar and Rousey as well as McGregors extended leave of absence they’ve gotten desperate and brought back the aging legend GSP as well as Anderson Silva – clear desperation for headlines.
On the other side of things, boxing has always stayed it’s course and stayed consistent in it’s publicity approach. Now, at a time when the UFC is at a low as far as popularity, boxing is beginning to soar. With fighters like Sergei Kovalev, Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez and, of course, Floyd Mayweather boxing has become a premium and well respected event that people can count on for quality entertainment on a consistent basis.
Boxing also has it’s share of incredible under cards as well. Adrian Broner is one of many youngsters that’s come up in recent years that’s made a primetime and household name for themselves by wowing the audience before the main event. Simply put, there’s no lack of excitement or enthusiasm regarding boxing and there really hasn’t been in the past five years.
Boxing is here to stay.